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Despite some opposition to one district’s middle-school integration plan, there is a growing sense i [...]


The plaintiffs are looking to force statewide desegregation in one of the most segregated states in [...]


The city broke up big failing schools to improve academics, but at the small schools that replaced t [...]


My experiences forced me to reflect on what environments are best for children. Certainly not the on [...]


In today’s commencement addresses, as evidenced by recent books, inspiration is sometimes superseded [...]


The New Jersey attorney general says federal education officials have stopped cooperating with the s [...]

-Perry Stein

D.C.’s Ellington School families sue city following investigation that found widespread enrollment fraud.The suit states that the city did not properly notify parents of alleged enrollment fraud. [...]

-Valerie Strauss

Teachers killed in Texas school shooting were substitutes — 'the forgotten force of the education world'Two lost their lives in the service of educating young people on the lowest rung of the teacher-appr [...]

-Perry Stein

Why does Bowser keep saying D.C. is the ‘fastest improving’ school district in the country?Some education experts says that claim is no longer true. [...]

-Jay Mathews

BASIS DC students must take at least seven Advanced Placement courses. [...]

-Lauren Lumpkin

They’re the Brainstorming Smarties, and they have their work down to a scienceThe all-girls engineering team is taking its creation to a international competition. [...]

-Valerie Strauss

What they said before and what they are saying nowWho said what about the most recent scores on NAEP — and why it matters. [...]

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