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Simply put, a high school diploma is not enough anymore. Getting a college or vocational degree is critical to finding a job, succeeding at that job, and supporting a family. While Montgomery County has an excellent public school system and is relatively affluent, there is an enormous opportunity gap. Many qualified low-income high school graduates do not make it to and through college simply because they lack the support they need to navigate the complexities of higher education.


By 2018, two thirds of all jobs in Maryland will require a postsecondary education. Montgomery County’s strong economy relies on a well-educated workforce. However, far too many motivated graduates from the MCPS’ fastest growing demographic groups—low-income families and minorities—do not enroll, persist, and graduate with a degree or certificate compared to their more affluent peers.

By 2020, almost 70% of Maryland's jobs will require higher education.


Workers with Bachelor’s degrees earn over $1 million more over their working lives than high school graduates and are also less likely to be unemployed.


A family of four requires at least $79,330 in annual income to live in Montgomery County. The costs add up quickly — the graph to to the right breaks them down.

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