• Are colleges preparing students for the automated future of work?
    President Trump’s rhetoric about the decline of the working class blames trade, immigration and the outsourcing of American jobs overseas for the decline of the U.S. manufacturing sector. But the bigger culprit is rarely acknowledged by politicians or the media: automation. Nearly 9 in 10 jobs that have disappeared since 2000 were lost to automation, […]
    Jeffrey J. Selingo
  • Don’t be fooled: Top public universities are turning their backs on poor students
    A recent column that ran in The Washington Post’s Grade Point blog raised questions about an analysis I conducted that found that nearly two-thirds of selective public universities have reduced the share of students they enroll from families in the bottom 40 percent of the income scale since the late 1990s. Scholars at the American […]
    Stephen Burd
  • Ohio State suspends most fraternities
      Ohio State University suspended most of its fraternities Thursday amid investigations of hazing and alcohol violations at many chapters, the latest school to crack down on Greek life on campus. The university announced all Interfraternity Council chapters — which make up most of the traditional male fraternities on the public university’s flagship campus in […]
    Susan Svrluga

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